Bobbie Palmer

About Me

      I'm not going to bore you with my life story, but I live in The Middle of Nowhere, Delaware with my mom, sister, and two nephews.  I also live in a home filled with animals.  I have two cats, one's spoiled and the other thinks he's spoiled, and my ferret.  No, they aren't rodents, he's actually very sweet and loves licking the water off my hands.  My mom and sister have a dog each also.  Sorry, I'm not much of a dog person.

     I do have a job, well, a few actually.  I work at my church and sell Mary Kay in addition to my part-time job.  Writing is my career and no, I'm not in it for the money.  I like making people happy and giving them a chance to escape reality for a while.  Fantasy is so much more fun, don't you think?  I also read all the time and I read pretty much anything fiction.

     I just hope everyone ignores my bad drawing and reads my stuff.  I want everyone to hide in the dark with Zipi, catch killers with Scarlette, and go on a hunt of survival.

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