Bobbie Palmer

Welcome to my site!

      I've been writing for years and coming up with characters for even longer.  My mom calls me scatter brained, I call myself creative and always having something more interesting on my mind.  Okay, more interesting then picking something up at the store.

     My characters are a huge part of my life.  The only people who mean more to me then them is my family and my boyfriend and it's not by much.  What's great about the characters is they'll do anything for you, but won't ask  for anything in return.  I've asked them to fight crime, hide from Nazi's, get stabbed, and be around people they hate.  I haven't heard them complain yet, but I'm sure if one of them found a way, it would be Scarlette.

     I will warn everyone that I've illustrated my covers and they are really bad.  I can't draw at all.  Please don't judge my stuff by their cover.  I'm trying to find someone to do them for me because, well, it looks like my five year old nephew did them.

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